death parade season 2 release date plot inside details 5ffe35e350c4c Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Inside Details

Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Inside Details

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Well, people all over the world enjoy various enjoy watching movies, web-series, T.V. shows, some are anime lovers depending on one’s choice. So, if you are a anime-lover then, you are at your perfect destination. And if you are not an anime-lover, then reading about Death Parade Season 2 will tempt to watch the anime. And if, once you watch the first episode of Death Parade Season 2, no one can stop you from loving anime more than ever.

You must have heard of the masterpiece, Death Note, Hunter X and many other ones. Death Parade is also produced and distributed by the same Madhouses’ which had produced such impeccable animes. For the first time, Death Parade premiered on 9 January 2015, when the first episode of the show was aired.


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The makers at that time were not sure whether the idea of incarnation or life after death will click with masses or not. But as people started watching it, liking it worldwide. The fans wanted to watch the second part as soon as fast.

They thought that every series takes 1 or 2 year for the renewal for next season. But Death Parade lovers have been waiting for almost 6 years to happen. They are wondering for whose sake a hit series like Death Parade has not been renewed for 2nd season.

Previous Storyline:

Death parade is the story set in the backdrop of life beyond death and what could be the imaginable scenarios. In the 15th floor of the building in the world of after life a bar of the name Quindecim is situated. This is no heaven or hell, but a transition world, where the people have to undergo a game and depending on the results, they meet respective ends. Either they are incarnated for the next life or diminished.

The protagonist here is Decim, the one and only bartender of the bar. He is not the typical bartender serving mocktails and cocktails, but an arbiter, whose task is to make people play the death games. Quindecim bar is where people who died at the same time are sent.

Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Inside Details

According to the norms of arbitration, the arbiter is supposed to possess no human emotions of any kind. But in due course, Decim meets Chiyuki, a peculiar woman with black hair. On meeting her and having little conversations he starts possessing some attraction towards her. For years, he had worked in the bar, but he fell for one. He is in deep confusion, and at the same time his love and affection towards Chiyuki is growing.

We come to know in the later episodes, that the chain of arbitration is under the surveillance of Nona. Decim is under her watch. She manages the arbiters working in the 90th floor of the building. We feel that she is the ultimate boss here.

Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Inside Details

But to our surprise, Oculus, turns out to be the almighty and creator of this arbitration universe. He manages the whole building of arbiters. Decim, Nona, Ginti, Clavis and all others are under his control .

What should we expect?

Well, before expecting what could be the possible storyline. We should discuss, are the makers interested in making Death Parade Season 2 or not. The question arises because, its been ages (for the fans), 6 years since its release. And at most a series takes 1 or 2 years to release its next season. Be the likes of Narcos, Game of Thrones, Sacred Games or Mirzapur. Nobody knows the exact reason.


The makers always find any thread left to elongate and make it a new angle, which the audiences have not thought of. But if some reports are to be believed, the makers were short of ideas, for the next season. They didn’t want to bore the audience by just stretching the storyline for the sake of it.

But if all the fortunes are in favor and somehow, the makers announce the next season. Then, in the possible Death Parade Season 2 we may dive deep in the emotional saga between Decim and Chiyuki. Or explore the emotional side of any other arbiter with any other female character, which may evoke emotion in them. For imagination, sky is the limit.

Proposed Real Date:

The real date of Death Parade Season 2 and the occurrence of 30th February is similar, or in simple words not known to the people. But in terms of positivity, if makers begin to work on the idea from the month of Jan. By the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, should see the second season streaming live.

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